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واترجت صنعتی آب گرم تریلر 350 بار DiBO JMB-M 350/18 مجموعه green boiler و intercooling با طراحی اختصاصی DiBO جهت کاهش تولید Co2 بهره وری بالای 92% و کاهش مصرف جهت صرفه جویی 33% سوخت مجهز به کاور دو جداره برای کاهش صدا (کمتر از 85 دسی بل) و ضد اشعه

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These environmental benefits are incorporated in the Green Boiler, that interfaces with a high quality powder coated chassis. The rotation casted polyethylene housing parts provide thermal isolation and communicate DiBO's brand Together with Smidesign we designed and engineered this dual heated electrically powered high pressure cleaner.

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GREEN BOILER DiBO's new state-of-the-art warm water boiler is more economical to run and better for the environment. Sitting proudly in front of the machine, it ensures optimal balance of the chassis, as the water tank is positioned at the rear.

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Het voordeel van hogedrukreinigers van DiBO zijn de kwaliteit én degelijkheid. De buitenzijde van het apparaat is gepoedercoat, stoot- en krasvast en bestand tegen corrosie. Om het water op een temperatuur van circa 80 graden Celsius te krijgen, is de hogedrukreiniger voorzien van een Green Boiler.

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environmental protection solid fuel hot air boiler . environmental protection solid fuel hot air boiler. Department of Environmental Protection. 2011-5-13 · 1 Department of Environmental Protection Promulgation of Amendments to Chapter 2 of Title 15 of the Rules of the City of New York Rules Governing the Emissions from the Use of #4 and #6 Fuel .

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Dit model is uitgerust met de nieuwste groene technologieën: de DiBO Green Boiler van 110 kW bespaart 18% brandstof en de warmtewisselaar van 20 kW nog eens 15%. Dat levert deze machine dus een

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The DiBO JMB-M hot water high pressure washer knows a varied applicability, certainly in places where there is no electricity, due to its on-board power source and self-contained operation. This DiBO JMB-M is equipped with the latest green technologies, like our very own GreenBoiler, which provides a considerable fuel saving.

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